The Curriculum: Theory and Practice

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`I use this book as an essential course text for a module on curriculum theory. It is an excellent text for the whole course'

`Vic Kelly's writing is always concise and informative, but also at times challenging'

`A most comprehensive text that takes the reader beyond content/balance issues values, beliefs and assumptions on the curriculum'

This book has been regularly revised and updated since it was first published in the mid-1970s. A V Kelly's classic work on curriculum focuses on the philosophical and political dimensions of curriculum; and especially on the implications for schools and societies of various forms of curriculum.

The book outlines what form a curriculum should take if it is concerned to promote a genuine form of education for a genuinely democratic society. The author summarizes and explains the main aspects of curriculum theory, and shows how these can and should be translated into practice, in order to create an educational and democratic curriculum for all schools at all levels.

The book also seeks to show that the politicization of the school curriculum has led to the establishment of policies and practices which demonstrate a failure to understand these principles of curriculum theory and practice. As a result, policies and practices have been implemented which fall short of being adequate for education in a democratic society.

In view of the rapid pace of educational change imposed by various governments over the last 35 years, this is a book which is more relevant than ever.


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Knowledge and the Curriculum
Curriculum as content and product
Curriculum as Process and Development
Curriculum Development Change and Control
The dissemination of innovation and change
Schoolbased curriculum development
Changing the curriculum through centralized control
Evaluation theory
Implications for educational research
The Politicization of the School Curriculum
A Democratic and Educational National Curriculum
Implications for curriculum theory and research
The key features of a democratic and educational
Government reports and other official publications referred
Subject Index

The politicization of curriculum evaluation

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For many years A.V. Kelly was Dean of Education and Professor of Curriculum Studies at Goldsmiths College, University of London. He is now retired but continues to work in Education.

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