Composition and Properties of Drilling and Completion Fluids

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Gulf Professional Publishing, 1988 - 643 من الصفحات
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Composition and Properties of Drilling and Completion Fluids, Fifth Edition, covers the fundamental principles of geology, chemistry, and physics that provide the scientific basis for drilling fluids technology.

New material for drilling, logging, and production supervisors and engineers exlains how the choice of a drilling fluid and proper maintenance can profoundly reduce total well costs. It also defines technical terms necessary to the understanding of instructions and information provided by the mud engineer. Updated chapters discuss evaluation of drilling fluid performance, clay mineralogy and colloid chemistry, rheology, filtration properties, hole stability, drilling problems, and completion fluids.

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The Development of Drilling Fluids Technology
Equipment and Procedures for Evaluating Drilling Fluid
Clay Mineralogy and the Colloid Chemistry of Drilling Fluids
The Rheology of Drilling Fluids
of Temperature and Pressure on the Rheology of Drilling Fluids 231
The Filtration Properties of Drilling Fluids
The Surface Chemistry of Drilling Fluids
hesion 326 Surfactants 327 Emulsions 328 OilWetting Agents
Hole Stability
Drilling Problems Related to Drilling Fluids
Completion Workover and Packer Fluids
Drilling Fluid Components
Conversion Factors
Author Index
Subject Index
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حول المؤلف (1988)

Nicknamed "Slim Darley", the late H.C.H. Darley was formerly a member of the Institute of Petroleum in London, an active member within SPE, and a Researcher for Shell for almost 25 years as well as a Consultant. Darley earned a BS degree in Petroleum Engineering from Birmingham University in the UK, and Mr. Darley passed away in 1996.

The late George Gray, or "Doc Gray", as he was known in the industry, was a drilling fluids technologist for NL Baroid for over 30 years and a pioneer in the development of drilling fluids technology. He willingly served on innumerable committees and held various offices in technical societies, including Director and Vice President of SPE and various poistions within the American Chemical Society and American Petroleum Institute. George earned a BS degree from Texas Christian University and a MS and PHD degree from Rice University and was a registered professional engineer in the state of Texas. George passed away in 1983.

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